Cloud Services

Clouds built unique to your business. Power up on SSD servers in your own custom private, hybrid and managed service infrastructures. Providing everything from basic ammunition – ping, power and pulse – to full artillery with our managed cloud infrastructure services. Slingshot’s expert engineers will work with you to architect the right infrastructure for your company.

Private Cloud

Slingshot makes it easy and cost effective to own your own cloud. The cost of infrastructure, expertise, need for flexibility, changing security and compliance updates have made public cloud the only choice for many start-ups and smaller businesses until now. We marry best in class public cloud prices and power with the security, control and performance of your own dedicated environment. Start building your own private cloud today.


  • Ultimate data safety
  • Expertly managed and monitored
  • Agility

Hybrid Cloud

Most businesses and workloads do not need a one size fits all solution.  Slingshot’s expert engineers design the perfect environment to provide the best performance, security and agility for your company. By putting part of your infrastructure into a  private cloud, you can provide compliance and high security for sensitive data while keeping your focus on your core business. Give our experts a call today.

Augment your infrastructure to include backup, disaster recovery and high availability.

Quickly spin up and spin down projects. R&D without having to incur the costs of hardware, infrastructure, heating, and cooling.


  • Cost Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Security

Managed Services

Improve your company’s operations and cut expenses through Slingshot’s Managed Services. Let our skilled engineers fully support your company’s backend so you can focus on your core business.

As your company grows – we can provide all of the services needed to scale your business offering everything from backup, storage, security, 24/7/365 monitoring, help-desk, service-desk, network management, user management, data management, management information systems, systems managements and software management.


  • Decreased costs
  • Dedicated support for all your infrastructure needs
  • Expert Engineers 24/7/365

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